Monday, 11 August 2008

Auckland Girl Geek Dinner 28th August 2008


Maybe a little bit too brave, but I am going to speak for 30 mins in the upcoming Auckland Girl Geek Dinner (see, although what am I going to speak is not up there yet). As you may already discovered, I like listening to other people techie talks, but myself don't like to do techie talk. Therefore, I am not doing one of those about REST, Silverlights, WPF, SQL Server 2008, AJAX, LINQ, Flash (oops, not MS!), Visual Studio 2008, TFS... etc hardcore stuff. Instead, I am going to do some relaxing thing, and my topic is "Girl Power! Why the world need us".

Well, this industry is for sure a male-dominant one, see last week in the .NET User Group for evidence. Yes we had 72 people, but in these 72, we have 3 girls from Olympic Software (my company), 2 from Kiwiplan (both are java developers, one was the speaker's wife and one was the girlfriend of a guy from Olympic), and 1 from the Software Engineering department of the University of Auckland. 6 girls among 72 people, that's 8.33333333333333%. Therefore, I am going to talk about why we need more girls in this industry, and as so-called* girl geeks, how can we make the difference in our work environment as well as the community.

Many people may probably think this is not important at all, but I tell you, Na! Come along and you will know. If you are a guy and would like to come, same old rule, you need to be invited by a girl! :D

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